27 July 2008


I accidentally deleted all my widget...too tired to redo tonight...
tomorrow ya...so sorry

edit : ain't easy job :(
Hope everything back to normal within this week.
Its hard to edit with slow server.....bummer!


rizal said...

Well, the same thing happened to me few days back. I guess i was "gatal tangan" trying a new layout, alas which was not compatible, and thus.. lost all my widgets too. i had to reinstall asap arr kan since there was an entrecard advert running.

Tak per.. i am sure everything will be as normal..

Ida said...

Tu la Zal, dah berapa hari masih tak siap2 lagi. Server slow sgt kat opis then byk benda tak boleh masuk asik error2 jek...
ni kat rumah dah letih2 tak larat nak edit :(