19 November 2011

18 October 2011

Big Bad Wolf 2011 warehouse aale

I went there twice. My first haul 50 books! Then 2nd one I forgot to count. Gotta love this kind of sale.

Handmade wedding guest book

Made from 100 pages of hi quality a4 paper, thread with ribbon. Every page full of hand stamp. One week to finish....tadaaaa

10 July 2011

Oh Deer!

Simple deer silhouette brooches.
These suppose to be prototype but duh! I'm busy and I made it for birthday gifts.
Its not so neat I agreed....
I just hope the girls like it.....

09 July 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party


We’re celebrating our little girl 2nd birthday with Mickey Mouse theme last month. Irees loves Mickey Mouse so much and I decided to do a Mickey theme.

Here’s is some photos and info if you plan for the same birthday theme.


I found these Minnie headbands at dollar store near Jusco Cheras Selatan. The price is only rm1.90. If only I found it before I made these headbands….so save time and go to dollar store as mentioned.



48 cupcakes with two different flavor ordered from Bee Rusk. This is the first the owner, Maria made the cheese topping. I love cheese and I want it….. to my surprise (and Maria too) the taste is damn good. Maria bakes a very tasty chocolate flavor.

candy bar

This blue Mickey wrapping paper I bought at Ikano party shop. I wrap the candy bar and put on dessert table.



Row of balloons, I just slip between the table. Jars contain candy…lots of candy.


Perfect for photo background…grab it from Party Shop in Ikano.


Alphabet pasta…the kids love it. One of the menu ..


This cute cup bought from Toys R Us…the candy from candy store nearby Jalan Ampang n HS Lee


Balloons from Toys R Us….. love it


Marshmallow and gummy. Just pour into glass and stick some for deco…..


Prepare cold sandwich a night before. My simple sandwich – cheese, cold cut chicken and mayo.


Special cake ….small and simple to complete the birthday theme. Ordered from The Bakers.


Party pack consist candy,chocolate,mickey’s batch, mickey’s watch, sunglasses and headband(they wear it straight away).

The party over and im glad with all the hard work and never ending searching here and there…..the party is success and quests are happy…..

06 June 2011


She is crazy bout shoes….

Choosy bout her clothes too…..

She is my girl….Almost 2



Paper piecing on ballerina shoes….

Draw and cut the pattern…that the hardest part of this layout.

DSC_6776 DSC_6774 DSC_6775


We’re super duper busy planning her birthday…hopefully everything will run smooth. Lucky for me I received an assistant from dear friend in Bee Rusk. If you want to order beautiful and tasty cupcakes just drop to her blog. Not only she gonna bake the cupcakes for the party but she sent me a lot of email with a bunch of ideas for the party.

31 May 2011

{Card} Mojo Monday

My first submission to Mojo Monday.
The card is dark purple and it’s almost black in this photo. My first sewing ever in paper. I thought it was hard,but when I finished this card….I want to sew more and more…. the sew bug has bitten me…..

22 May 2011

{Share} Card

I made this card yesterday, in fact I made a few.


I spend whole morning doing Pinterest and so excited to create something. But I’m not in the mood of doing scrapbook so I opt to made a card.

I love piecing a lot, here is simple piecing using stamp and punch.

I love the title as it show how happy my day was.


If you create something over the weekend, I love to see it…Share it here and I’ll give a visit to your blog…

20 May 2011


Thanks to Gisele Scanlon for introducing me to macaroon…. her amazing book the famous Goddess Guide made me drooling whenever  she talked (write) about macaroon. Grab yourself at Harrods KLCC. Though its a bit expensive but worth trying. 6 pcs fo rm18.00
My girl want to be a writer, though I’m not a good example (you can see from my poor writing lol) but I support her whenever i can.These books, mostly hers…..
Oh where I bought it? Super duper Bookxcess… at Amcorp Mall. Go there and shopping like crazy but please don’t blame me….(can you see The Goddess Guide no.1 in the pic? :) love love love it….) My friend said I’m crazy, I always carry a books(yes I carried more than one ) though most of the time I haven’t had time to read it….
Books make me feel good.

Anyone want an invitation to Pinterest from me? Drop your email on comments…I have only 5 spots left….

02 May 2011

Mojo is coming…..

but it didn’t do much…..lol


I don’t know what the Book Fair did to me, but when I reached home from Kuala Lumpur Intl Book Fair I fell rush on me and really want to create something….something…anything….. But my home is really in big chaotic as painting the whole room was in progress. *sigh*

While taking care the little one and DH busy painting the room, I sit in front of tv and made these


I love when I can used my stash,

I love I used simple design….no pressure for myself

It’s not pretty but I proud I managed to do it…



In other story, I love to share one book that really grabs my attention.

“Where Women Create, book of inspiration” by Jo Packman & Jenny Doh.

516pvzo5pSL._SL500_AA300_ Source : http://www.amazon.com

23 talented artists shared their creative space and what moves them to do so…

Love Love Love the way this book presented. Beautiful photos and believe me the creative space is from real artist and honestly presented. I just read a few pages and I must say…Im falling in love with this book….. It really suite me…the one who almost lost her mojo.

Till next time…………..da

13 March 2011

{Layout} Muah!

My little assistant busy helping me out taking a photo of layout.

DSC_6541 DSC_6538 

Irees : Hey look I took your photo. Mama I guess the setting is not right……..why not you take the photo while I set my dc.Over to you mama….




Thanks Irees for helping me out. Here is the layout mama did about you for TCR # 49.

I just love your photos trying to kiss your big sister Ireen.

 DSC_6549 copy DSC_6530

Aren’t this stamp gorgeous? Love it so much….thanks to Skhedr Design. It fits perfectly into my layout theme.


You’re so stinkin’ adorable…

That a wrap for this weekend. Hoping I have time to scrap for next weekend.