26 December 2010

Greeting from Swiss Garden Kuantan.

The baby is taking her nap and I try to use this time to blogging. I hardly blog lately not because I lost my mojo but I lost control of my time. Workload is demanding and I need to prepare myself for next year changes and at the same time to standby my girl for upsr.
Today I want to share how I organize my digital photos. Here is how
I sorted by photos under year- occasion /person –date + simple note
And don’t forget to delete the duplicate photos and back up your file into cd/dvd/external hd.
extra tips - I used http://picasa.google.com/to jot my journal and label with star the outstanding pictures.

before I left, enjoy a few pics taken yesterday  (having issue with my image upload) and one lovely website I found this morning http://smallnotebook.org/ (dont miss this lovely site and i love it and make me stuck posting this blog lol)

12 December 2010


Sorting, rolling,cutting and clipping. That what I did since last night. Its because I cant stand anymore the clutter inside my studio. I started purge my ribbon and sort it nicely (nice in my own way).
Some I just leave it inside the roll and stand it using a chopstick, some I just roll into the ribbon organiser and put inside the basket. Seldom used ribbon I put inside the clear container.DSC_5178 copy
I'm thinking how many days these ribbons will stay organised because I dont trust myself. Im messy and visual scrapper, I cant handle hidden stuff.

Later, when the studio a bit clean (50%) I just sit and stamp these image and start playing with
Copic Marker. 
 playing with copic marker
Tomorrow I plan to wake up early (but now already 1.38am) and do some cleaning...but mmmmmm ....

05 December 2010

How To Photograph Your Scrapbook Layouts Part II

I cant help myself to experiment straight away after saw so many tutorial about it.
Here is mine. I think I need more practice until I get perfect pictures. The pictures are straight away from camera , no cropping and no editing.

This is where I placed my layout....chaotic right. That's my life......

Yes, im back to scrap but not as before...I have to slow down. Thanks to my srappers sisters. They cure me!

How To Photograph Your Scrapbook Layouts

16 November 2010

Today is 7th day we sleep at hospital. Ireen (1st dd) has been admitted since last Tuesday for viral fever and to be exact Mycoplasma Pneumonia. Its killing me when I have to see her suffers every time she receives the antibiotic treatment.
Please pray for my girl. Thanks.

While waiting here, I do one layout using quickpage by Studio Rosey Posey @ Scrapbookgraphics.com - Designs by Lorilei Murphy.
The pictures taken in June 2010.

15 November 2010

Bandung 3 - Amanda

Ole-ole untuk dibawa pulang ke Malaysia. Singgah di Amanda pada hari terakhir sebelum pulang. Harga kek kukus ni dalam lingkungan RM8 sekotak. Bila balik kena terus makan atau bagi kepada kengkawan/sedara sebabnya expiry date dia dalam 3-4 saja.
Personally I love the original taste. Next time beli yang original saja.
Selain Amanda, kek kukus yang famous ialah Kartika Sari dan ada beberapa lagi.
Lain kali sajalah kita cuba ye......nak cari crime partner untuk shopping ke sana lagi ni. Hari tu banyak buang masa sebab duit habis awal.

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14 November 2010

Bandung 2 - Rumah Mode

Rumah Mode.
Sampai saja kami terus ke Rumah Mode, plan asal nak tempah langsir di Jalan Alkateri tidak menjadi sebab faktor2 luggage. Takut terlebih berat. Khabarnya Rumah Mode ni busy on weekend , since sampai hari Jumaat kami terus singgah sini. Masa sampai sini tak banyak membeli sebab masih blur dengan currency lagi, mata pun mamai. My friend cakap I jetlag...kelakar gak kan baru 1 jam beza masa dah jet lag. Time ni hujan rintik, tapi excited punya pasal ambil jela gambar walau hujan.

Hari Isnin, repeat shopping di sini. Last minutes sebelum balik Malaysia. Time ni baru terbuka mata dah. Banyak beli baju kerja for me and hubby di sini. Banyak juga pilihan size untuk orang2 comel cam ai ni. Brand tempatan Minimal banyak menjadi pilihan kami di sini.
Nampak patung ni pakai macam cantik saja, terus masuk dalam dan cari. Kali kedua di sini susunan dah lain. Stock pun yang lain. Agaknya masa weekend kena serbu. Kalau weekend dia akan bagi paper bag tapi kalau weekday cuma plastic bag. Lepas dah puas shopping sementara nak tunggu pukul 1 dan bertolak ke airport kami bersantai lagi di Java Bean cafe, hari pertama sampai kami dah cuba pizzanya. Maka hari terakhir pun makan juga pizza yang sama. Pembuka dan penutup dengan pizza. Pizza ni nipis dan garing walaupun dah sejuk. 
 Masa hari pertama sampai, excited.
Gambar2 bawah ni antara yang terdapat di Rumah Mode. Area sini memang sesuai untuk family, mak boleh shopping dan lelain tu boleh lepak di beberapa cafe yang terdapat di sini. Enjoy the pics.

 Last day grab....

 antara cafe n label yang ada di rumah Mode. Bumbu Desa pun ada, tak perasan pun hehe bila tengok gambar ni baru nampak. BTW Bumbu Desa dah ada di KLCC.

My friend suka sangat Somay tu, sorang2 je dia makan. tup2 nak ambil gambar dah licin......

Tips -
1. baju-baju di Rumah Mode tiada di FO yang lain.
2. watch out fake item, berlambak2 di FO di sini. Kena pandai menelek :D
3. local brand - Minimal.....cantik designnya
4. . Sediakan siap-siap currency converter table, senang nak shopping. Contoh kami punya. Laminate sendiri takut hancur.
Rupiah MYR Rupiah MYR
10,000 3.50 150,000 52.50
15,000 5.25 200,000 70.00
20,000 7.00 250,000 87.50
25,000 8.75 300,000 105.00
30,000 10.50 350,000 122.50
35,000 12.25 400,000 140.00
40,000 14.00 450,000 157.50
45,000 15.75 500,000 175.00
50,000 17.50 550,000 192.50
55,000 19.25 600,000 210.00
60,000 21.00 650,000 227.50
65,000 22.75 700,000 245.00
70,000 24.50 750,000 262.50
75,000 26.25 800,000 280.00
80,000 28.00 850,000 297.50
85,000 29.75 900,000 315.00
90,000 31.50 950,000 332.50
95,000 33.25 1,000,000 350.00
100,000 35.00 1,050,000 367.50 

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13 November 2010

Bandung 1

Kali ini kita bercerita lain dari biasa, my shopping trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Kami bertolak dari KLIA dan sampai di Bandung Airport tepat pada waktunya.(1.30petang dan tiba 2.40 petang waktu tempatan (Malaysia 3.40). Bandung lewat satu jam dari Malaysia. Cuaca di Bandung sejuk dan nyaman. Sampai di airport kami disambut oleh supir yang sedia menanti.Segala keperluan di sini disediakan oleh Kak Lina. Kami cuma sediakan duit saja. Lepas ni dah pandai tak perlulah supir lagi, boleh jimat untuk shopping.
BTW, citer pasal shopping ni akan ada banyak part sebabnya takde masa nak update semua sekaligus....so ini intronya....hehe....

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29 August 2010


I made it!
My 1st bazaar, with all the hardwork and it paid out with fab friends and customer.
Thanks to all the support, hoping I can meet you guys next year.

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23 August 2010

Ramadhan Bazaar

Come over to Ramadhan Bazaar at Menara TM at Plaza Pantai this Thursday & Friday. (26th&27th August) from 9am till 5pm. I will be selling my handmade stuff.......Hope to see your guys there.

click direction......

18 August 2010

{Craft Display}

I'm hunting for a craft display this week. My friend asked me to join her in a bazaar. Though its freak me out but I think this is the time to move forward. Though I like to remain online but sometimes its better to get out and take fresh air.

Here's some ideas found while googling.

1. DIY ring display byPopko

2. lots of link by  mariezvezda

3. lots of ring display link by Etsymn

4. A whole blog special for craft display Craft Show

06 August 2010

Googling - DIY scrapbook page kits

Great finding for today.
If you wanna make your own scrapbook kits, here is a few link I found while googling.

1. Simply Scrapbooking Now by Sunday Lamdin

2. E how

3. Rockester from myall2 from planning the album ,  page  , page kits  and make a page!

4. and my own version simply ida....

If you have your own version and fav , pls let me know......

01 August 2010

Creative space.....

I spend the whole day at home yesterday. Its quite productive day I will say.
Between chores, kids, cooking and TV , I managed to slip in inside the studio and playing with felt & ribbon.

I made a lot of hairclips recently, hari raya is coming and give it as a gift would be sweet (I think). 

I settle up with WIP inside some container and thanks to LAURA (Bugs & Fishes) for her fab idea and blog.

I’m thinking about my work coming plan, we have to attend a lot of classes and course on weekend. Do they don’t have a family? Why they took our time with family? No more quality life? Oh I can’t think anymore it’ll spoil my mood.
I love weekend! Pls dont take it from me.... it will kill my creativity & quality !!!!

I saw this my creative space and love to be part of it for this week....here's mine

Im working infront of computer, whenever I get bored I love to google around, watching dvd especially twilight and listening to music.

29 July 2010

I was pretty tired recently; being in banking industry is never easy. But it never took away the art and creativity inside me. I have been blessed for that.

I love this blog not only the place I use to hide but this is the only place that I can type without worried about the correct grammar used. I’m not very good in English by I'm trying and learning to improve it. I have to hide the “shame” away. :)

Back to craft, I have to promise myself to be more organize but sometimes I have short of time to stay organized.
A few days ago I stumble into this blog by Laura "Lupin" Howard, from her I learned how she does the workbox. WIP box
 I think it was a brilliant idea. I have a lot unfinished work and she came to rescue.
This weekend I’ll try to put the unfinished work into WIP box. Hoping to see the result and I’m blogging this to remind myself for this mission.

BTW, A few months ago I accidentally moved my link of friends and misplaced it. I really appreciated if you can comment it here so I can add into my blog and if you want to exchange link, you’re welcome too.

18 July 2010

from ribbon to hairclips...

Handmade Hair Clip, originally uploaded by richyreens.
Yes, I'm busy and I’m stress. I do ….
Only this week we can rest at home and do some cleaning, creating and updating this blog.

Check out the hair clip I made for the kids. Finally I used my ribbons. Yeah!
For tutorial how to make these fab and addicted hairclip just check these out:-

I altered a bit to suite my taste and style.
If you made one let me know, I love to see your creations...
happy cutting and pasting .....

18 June 2010

2010 Studio

2010 Studio, originally uploaded by richyreens.

This is my studio, nothing special in here but this is the place when I want to get creative aka release tension.
Most of the storage are inexpensive. I asked dh to keep an empty bottle and a milk can so I can use it for storage.
Still a lot of stuff to do inside this studio for example labelling, declutter, and keep it simple as possible.
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

05 June 2010

Elastic Charm Bookmark

These elastic bookmark is a hit at my office and thinking to share it here.
What I love, it wont fall if my little one accidently drop the book.
Selling for RM10/5pcs (USD3/5pcs)
You can choose what is your preference theme (fruit,animal,cat,heart, or just surprise me)
This bookmark is very good as a gift especially for booklovers. ( I can send direct to them if you want too)

Just fill up this form and I'll get back to you.Fill out my form!

18 May 2010

Mini tutorial : bookmark

Happy Teacher's Day!
I created these bookmarks special for dd's teachers.
Hope the teachers will make a good use of it.

Here is how to :
  1. Pattern paper (prefer the thick pp), flowers,buttons,ribbon,glue,scissors and your choice of embellishemnt.
  2. cut 3x8 as many as you wish to make the bookmark
  3. ink the edges of you wish to add some dimension
  4. sew the flower and button then attach the ribbon behind it.
  5. flip the pp and glue it. the reason is to hide the sew and ribbon.
  6. behind of the bookmark
  7. now embelish as you wish.
Just a silly tutorial from me...
Thanks so much for dropping by!
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