31 July 2008


Rizal came to my place in a hot sunny Tuesday afternoon and bring along these lovely gifts for me. I’m touched and honor to receive this fabulous stuff from him.
Thanks Rizal, you’re so thoughtful. I accept it as a surprise gifts for my birthday.
For those didnt have a chance to know him, Rizal is an instructor at Institut Kraf Negara or National Craft Institute. Do visit his blog and you'll amaze with his works.
This wonderful garden rattan with special frame is the last piece and I’m the last lucky person to receive it after Emila & Manggis. The moment I received the frame I keep telling myself, Ida please behave and don’t jump in front of Rizal. When I arrived back in my office, I called most of my friends and starting to show the goodies I received. It’s more to explaining the rattan rather than show off. Check out his tutorial for the butterfly http://restnrileks.blogspot.com/2008/04/rama2-kraf-rotan-rattan-butterfly.html
How pretty it is? It’s darn pretty. I plan to hang on wall but for now it sits nicely at our display cabinet. Perfecto!

This is perfect for my studio. The flowers made from rattan will be a great wall deco and if you want to make for yourself please follow this tutorial, http://restnrileks.blogspot.com/2008/04/tutorial-rattan-craft-flower-bunga.html
The Rattan Basketry Coiling Technique is perfect for my scrapbook stuff, yippee!

The cucuk sanggul is a custom-made in Malacca. I plan to use it for coming Aidilfitri but I just had my hair cut yesterday L . I hope by that time my hair is long enough to hold a cucuk sanggul.
Rizal, im going to Malacca this coming school holiday. Any yummy restaurant recommended?
If you ask my dear hubby he will say that I can’t get enough books, I love books either its blank, novel, pics or what ever, it’s always give me a good vibe. I love this notebook so much and love the 3d of it cover.
What can I say, I surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you so much for wonderful though and I’m honor to be your friend.
To others, I love you guys too….thanks for dropping by and being my friends.
Bye-bye and have a nice day!


rizal said...

Kak Ida, thank you for that linky love.. Wah i am honored laa masuk dalam ni.. tee hee..

Glad to know that July was your birthday. Ohhh you were right.. it was a scorching hot day that Rizal balik rumah terus terbungkang tidur..kekeke.. and had a sore throat the next day. Luckily for just a brief moment..

Glad to know you as a blogger friend. Sorry couldnt stay and chit chat long. Had to rush to other places.. plus with all the heat.. Maybe some other time ya..

heppy blogging..

Ida said...

Thanks a lot Rizal, you made my day!