26 December 2010

Greeting from Swiss Garden Kuantan.

The baby is taking her nap and I try to use this time to blogging. I hardly blog lately not because I lost my mojo but I lost control of my time. Workload is demanding and I need to prepare myself for next year changes and at the same time to standby my girl for upsr.
Today I want to share how I organize my digital photos. Here is how
I sorted by photos under year- occasion /person –date + simple note
And don’t forget to delete the duplicate photos and back up your file into cd/dvd/external hd.
extra tips - I used http://picasa.google.com/to jot my journal and label with star the outstanding pictures.

before I left, enjoy a few pics taken yesterday  (having issue with my image upload) and one lovely website I found this morning http://smallnotebook.org/ (dont miss this lovely site and i love it and make me stuck posting this blog lol)

12 December 2010


Sorting, rolling,cutting and clipping. That what I did since last night. Its because I cant stand anymore the clutter inside my studio. I started purge my ribbon and sort it nicely (nice in my own way).
Some I just leave it inside the roll and stand it using a chopstick, some I just roll into the ribbon organiser and put inside the basket. Seldom used ribbon I put inside the clear container.DSC_5178 copy
I'm thinking how many days these ribbons will stay organised because I dont trust myself. Im messy and visual scrapper, I cant handle hidden stuff.

Later, when the studio a bit clean (50%) I just sit and stamp these image and start playing with
Copic Marker. 
 playing with copic marker
Tomorrow I plan to wake up early (but now already 1.38am) and do some cleaning...but mmmmmm ....

05 December 2010

How To Photograph Your Scrapbook Layouts Part II

I cant help myself to experiment straight away after saw so many tutorial about it.
Here is mine. I think I need more practice until I get perfect pictures. The pictures are straight away from camera , no cropping and no editing.

This is where I placed my layout....chaotic right. That's my life......

Yes, im back to scrap but not as before...I have to slow down. Thanks to my srappers sisters. They cure me!

How To Photograph Your Scrapbook Layouts