31 July 2008

My Day

Finally everything falls into places. It’s not an easy task and I have to work within a very limited time and the worst thing is the slow internet connection. What a bummer!
Hopefully I can catch my breath after this and keep blogging as usual. My humble apologized to all of my readers.

Thank you for all the wishes I received and a lot of gifts too. I promised to share with you my birthday photos right? Actually we didn’t snap much photos as we’re too busy driving here and there. Just let me walk you through the place we went that day. Hope it won’t bore you.

1. We started our day at McDonalds. Ireen having her fav. Sausage Mc’Muffin and enjoying watching Winx Club on television over there. This is the only day she has a chance to watch Winx Club. You’re right she skip school today but not her fault we (me n dh) decided to give a day off for her. It’s my day and I want her being my side. Love her so much! We have to wait till 11am before we can leave for a next spot. I’m so happy she enjoy her show at Mc’D.

2. A friend called and sings a birthday song, thanks Zizah. Love you! I received a lot of sms’s too. Thanks guys.
3. We went straight to IKEA and grab some stuff. It’s sale happening there till 17th August. I bought a few frames for my scrapbook layout and some organization tools. She loves this desk.
4. It’s almost 2pm when we finish shopping and its time to feeds again. We went to one of our favorite restaurant i.e. Warong Penyet http://www.waroengpenyet.com/ at The Curve. Yummy ayam penyet with beef soup and my fav drink Soda Gembira. Really word it. If you in town you should try their food and don’t forget their yummy sambal for extra kick. Their special sauce in a bottle which most of people didn’t aware is very nice when you eat with the fried chicken. Just squeeze the sauce on top of chicken. Nyum Nyum. I feel like going there right now.
5. It’s movie time, so we went to Sunway Pyramid. We watched Hancock. Bought some doughnuts and some shirts. It almost dusk and I feel so tired. Still I have one place to go. One day I want to skate too. Can we go Sunway Lagoon? Please mama, daddy?
6. The Garden, I went to Art Friend a craft/art store. For my lovely friends who I knew they definitely love this place, Art Friend is in 3rd floor beside Borders. The arrangement of stuff not so nice but most of the needs stuff is there. I did a lot of damage here. While Ireen and dh went to Borders and grab some books. A perfect gift from dh n Ireen.
Love it so much.
7. Finish shopping and my legs started shaking. We settle down at one of the kopitiam till the mall close.
8. Arrive home almost midnight.

Part II will be coming soon….have a nice day….ciao!

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rizal said...

Happy belated birthday..

Moga2 apa yang diimpikan tercapai...

InsyaALLAH.. :)

Wah nampak fun to celebration tuu semua.. :)