31 July 2008

My Day part II and final!

I love this card so much. Its hand crafted by Diva . The card comes together with two bookmarks. Thanks beb.
Thanks for the lovely surprise and the thought. Love it so much. Sayang nak pakai.
Finally after a few years (yes you read it right) Selphy is mine. This model is already obsolete but I found one shop still selling this last piece. Price is only RM299 rather than RM499. Beside the printer is my scannar. Too bad I havent have time to play with these. Busy busy busy...either im at the office or on the road and when we reach home its time to zzzzzzz.
This card and fridge magnet is a special gift from my bff Iqa, all the way from Brooklyn. Iqa I love it so much... Dragonfly and butterfly...yeah!This lovely magnet will remind me of you and what you wrote on card really meant so much to me. Thanks sweetie. Love it so much.
Ok the end. Sorry for the boring posting about my day.
Have a nice day everyone. Chiao!

ps - thanks a lot for all the wishes from forum, chat box and sms'es.

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