16 January 2011


Do you know what it feel when mojo strikes? I cant describe more.....enjoy
The layout for my 1st DD, to tell her how special she are. Beautiful inside out. 
Photo at the Perhentian Island. 

Little one holding a flower to beautiful girl...While little girl surrounding by happy butterfly,bird,flowers
 I just drew simple flower and colored it.
I really love this circle turn out, my mind plan a simple one but it turn out really good (for my skill huhu). I added a butterfly for extra charm. I have a habit to ruin something beautiful sometimes....lol
Oh this layout for The Color Room challenge......check them out TCR

13 January 2011

My first layout for this year.
I’m glad I manage to slip into my studio and creating something despite my heavy schedule.

This layout is about my girls, their bonding as a sisters and the day the Ireen celebrating her 11th birthday. The birds element in this page is my favorite for this moment (yeah I know Im little behind in this sb trend but its okay I don’t mind to be left out)
As I scrap over the year I realised I tend to used bright colors. I think after hard day at work bright color boost my energy and creative juice.
Thanks for dropping by.