06 July 2008

Another Happy Mail

I finally received these amazing ATC's for projek-swap-kita.

Felis Catus by Megat
Weird, conceptual buzy illos by Rizal
She designed by Cecima

They are really talented artist and I’m amaze with their creations...they represent their unique style and the way I can’t imagine. Kudos!
Now my question to the Projek Kami team, how you store your atc? I plan to put on display inside my studio but not too long.I'm scared it will collecting dust if I displayed for a long time...

Some love I received together with the atc's. It's not from one person but from two people.
Who can refuse handmade stamp by ManggisMangosteenskin , so details and neat.
Come on sweetie open up your store, I can’t wait to be your first customer. Thanks for sharing your precious creations with me.

Rizal sent together his rotan creation with the atc and I’m gonna use it as a bookmark. You can check Rizal rotan’s creation at his blog. A very talented you man.
The one that make me flattered, Manggis shares the ‘cucuk sanggul’ she received from Rizal. That is so sweet of her.

Thank you for the gifts, atcs and the most important thing thank you for being my friends.


mangosteenskin said...

hurrah!!! hurrah!!!

i'm still figuring out the best way to keep my atcs collection. maybe we can keep them in album. join me in atcsforall kak ida (see my latest post). they produced amazing atcs for swap there.

i forgot to mention about the stamps. actually i planned to make new ones for u but, i didn't manage to find time for carving. That's why there have been some delay for the posting back, because i try to make personalized item for some of u (but i failed). the butterfly is not very good, as it's one of my first few attempt. but since u told me u like it, i send u the original one (again, because i dont have time to make a finer one). the leaf too, is an ori one. hope they can be used in your crafts.

glad that u enjoy the swap. it's my first swap u know, terus jadi host!

rizal said...

hurrah hurrah.. syabass kak ida..

we have yet to meet larr kan? kekeke..tapi tak kesampaian..

finally kak ida punyer dah sampai.. Ni masih tertunggu2 atc dari mango-pango..

glad that kak ida dapat itu cucuk sanggul..

p/s : ready for second swap of ATC? hehe.. Rizal dah sedia nak host ni.. nanti rizal maklum kat blog.. huhu

Ida said...

Menarik atc swap tu tapi masa tak mencukupi skrg ni terikat dengan pelbagai swap. Tunggu dah clear sikit insyallah kak ida join.

ye cikgu tu busy je...tapi takpe someday..

Anonymous said...

hye kak ida...
hihi u recieved my ATC aite?
ngee..sori kalau tak cntek

i still dun manage to publish those ATC's that I recieved last week..
busy sket

nway happy crafting!

Emila Yusof said...

Yay! Saya pun dah dapat saya punya! Best!