29 July 2010

I was pretty tired recently; being in banking industry is never easy. But it never took away the art and creativity inside me. I have been blessed for that.

I love this blog not only the place I use to hide but this is the only place that I can type without worried about the correct grammar used. I’m not very good in English by I'm trying and learning to improve it. I have to hide the “shame” away. :)

Back to craft, I have to promise myself to be more organize but sometimes I have short of time to stay organized.
A few days ago I stumble into this blog by Laura "Lupin" Howard, from her I learned how she does the workbox. WIP box
 I think it was a brilliant idea. I have a lot unfinished work and she came to rescue.
This weekend I’ll try to put the unfinished work into WIP box. Hoping to see the result and I’m blogging this to remind myself for this mission.

BTW, A few months ago I accidentally moved my link of friends and misplaced it. I really appreciated if you can comment it here so I can add into my blog and if you want to exchange link, you’re welcome too.

18 July 2010

from ribbon to hairclips...

Handmade Hair Clip, originally uploaded by richyreens.
Yes, I'm busy and I’m stress. I do ….
Only this week we can rest at home and do some cleaning, creating and updating this blog.

Check out the hair clip I made for the kids. Finally I used my ribbons. Yeah!
For tutorial how to make these fab and addicted hairclip just check these out:-

I altered a bit to suite my taste and style.
If you made one let me know, I love to see your creations...
happy cutting and pasting .....