27 February 2011

{Project 12} January 2011

I created this two pages for Project 12 January 2011. I love doing this kind of project where it summarize our monthly activities. Check my sidebar if you want to know more about Project 12.
A few details photos and actual layout.
DSC_6457 DSC_6458 DSC_6459 P12-Jan
Noticed the matching buttons between photos and journaling?
Thanks for visiting and happy weekend everyone.

17 February 2011


Just quick post from hospital while taking care my sick mom….
I used this wordart to create a title for my layout. If you used this wordart I just need you guys to give credit to my blog. ty

15 February 2011

{Mine} Layout

I really love the Fancy Pants Love Birds collection. I wish I have all the pp from this collection.
My hybrid layout using this line. I used valentine’s butterfly made by Wink Wink and bird cage by SKHedr

CSC_6453 CSC_6451 CSC_6452
My baby words as at 1 years 7 months. Thanks for dropping by!

12 February 2011


Sneak peek into my scrapbook. room. *sorry*
My name tag on cork by ikea , the tag I made a few years back to attend crop party at lss. Once a while I rotate the art/creation inside this studio.
I stored away most of my inspiration stuff and put a new stuff here. The space wont be empty too long in fact by now I have put a few photos to scrap. Now this board will act as my page planner.
My work in progress, now I have a space for WIP and it was nicely display. I like!
Can you believe it was freebies from the internet? I’ll share the info about my wip in next post.
I promised myself not to keep my pp too long, instead I put it here for display and for me to scrap. No more feeling guilty to cut these lovely pp. Most of it from Fancy Pants Love Birds line. Love the color and cute design. One layout from this line has been created and will post the lo later.
Mist…newly bought. Love the effect but a bit pricey. I tried it this morning and really love it….now I want more color *sigh*
Another indulgence, I really love bird stamp+punch by Martha Steward.
The Street Lace cb, wait for me…I have ton of ideas to play with you. Just hoping I have time to play.

The pink basket, a place to throw my stuff after scrapping. It wont look nice as this after I’m starting scrapping.

Lastly, my totally tote….I love this pink caddy so much. All of my tools are nicely kept here. Easy to scrap and easy to clean up.

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11 February 2011

{Eye Candy}

Some of the scrapbook layout that grab my attention today....

Layout by http://www.janinekoczwara.typepad.com/.  I really love color combo in this lo.
Mad for Books by Lori Gentile , love the title....thinking doing the same title for my girls...
check more of her creation here

I cant say more bout Emma Trout, her layout is details...every piece and space are work of art. 
Technique and color....all made me drolling.....check her blog here here:
I hope these few layout will inspire me and you....
Happy scrapping

05 February 2011


Today with a cup of coffee I'm so excited hunting for a photo display ideas.
Oh I lied, rather than hunting for photo to display, I went to my studio and grab my  frame from Ikea and painted it. While waiting for the frame to dry why not I'm looking for some inspiration again *wink*
Love this idea from Domino Magazine via Apartment Therapy.

I love the flexibility in this idea. The corner of my tv area is a perfect for this spot.
Credit to Pottery Barn.

This is when people said thinking outside of the box, photo cubby by Dawn in Apartment Theraphy 
Last one with tutorial for accordian style display
credit to Martha Steward and click here to tutorial

Till next time...have a nice weekend.

04 February 2011


I'm back in town after almost a week in East Coast, exploring places and mingled with local. Terengganu is a nice state and we shouldn't miss it.  Visit HERE for more info about Terengganu.

I was so much inspired to change the home decor and create a layout from the journey we taken. But for today I just want to share a few inspiration that really captured my eyes in the internet world. 

Hanging Baskets. 
Oh this picture really safe my bathroom cabinet budget. Cant wait to make myself.

Burlap and Doily luminaries, perfect for romantic month.

photo credit and tutorial here HERE
I know you might lost in Amanda site and I stop the posting till here.....till next time.
Happy creating!!!