05 July 2008

Silent challenge no.1

I know most of the scrappers in Malaysia like to remain offline and really shy to share their layout. I created this challenge specially for them. Let them play and exploring and yet remain silent. For those who like to play along you're welcome too. The reward for this challenge is "more page done."

"The rules is simple just grab any of your 90's photos but must be at least 5 photos in the lo. Yes you read it right. I want at least 5 photos of 90's inside your lo. "


rizal said...

Salam Kak Ida,

Alohaaa.. long time no see.. Temujanji kita pun asyik terdrag-drag ajer.. hihihi..

Wahhhh, that seems a good challenge. Bagus tuu.. Now if i can only find 5 photos.. in the 90s..
hehehe.. photos in the 80s aci tak? hihihi

salam hari weekend.

Megat Eusofe said...


megat dah link kan blog ini ke web portal


di bawah section SENI & KEBUDAYAAN
terima kasih

Ida said...

Hi Rizal...
hehe 80's ada tapi kena print balikla sebab semua dah yellow

Megat, terima kasih megat!