29 August 2010


I made it!
My 1st bazaar, with all the hardwork and it paid out with fab friends and customer.
Thanks to all the support, hoping I can meet you guys next year.

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23 August 2010

Ramadhan Bazaar

Come over to Ramadhan Bazaar at Menara TM at Plaza Pantai this Thursday & Friday. (26th&27th August) from 9am till 5pm. I will be selling my handmade stuff.......Hope to see your guys there.

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18 August 2010

{Craft Display}

I'm hunting for a craft display this week. My friend asked me to join her in a bazaar. Though its freak me out but I think this is the time to move forward. Though I like to remain online but sometimes its better to get out and take fresh air.

Here's some ideas found while googling.

1. DIY ring display byPopko

2. lots of link by  mariezvezda

3. lots of ring display link by Etsymn

4. A whole blog special for craft display Craft Show

06 August 2010

Googling - DIY scrapbook page kits

Great finding for today.
If you wanna make your own scrapbook kits, here is a few link I found while googling.

1. Simply Scrapbooking Now by Sunday Lamdin

2. E how

3. Rockester from myall2 from planning the album ,  page  , page kits  and make a page!

4. and my own version simply ida....

If you have your own version and fav , pls let me know......

01 August 2010

Creative space.....

I spend the whole day at home yesterday. Its quite productive day I will say.
Between chores, kids, cooking and TV , I managed to slip in inside the studio and playing with felt & ribbon.

I made a lot of hairclips recently, hari raya is coming and give it as a gift would be sweet (I think). 

I settle up with WIP inside some container and thanks to LAURA (Bugs & Fishes) for her fab idea and blog.

I’m thinking about my work coming plan, we have to attend a lot of classes and course on weekend. Do they don’t have a family? Why they took our time with family? No more quality life? Oh I can’t think anymore it’ll spoil my mood.
I love weekend! Pls dont take it from me.... it will kill my creativity & quality !!!!

I saw this my creative space and love to be part of it for this week....here's mine

Im working infront of computer, whenever I get bored I love to google around, watching dvd especially twilight and listening to music.