14 July 2008

Bookmark swap

I have to admit, my schedule overload with a lot of things.
I have a very long to do list and with all the problems arose its hard for me to keep focus.
This bookmark I made before the house brake incident. It’s for cari & lovescrap swap.
Thanks to Diva for hosting this fabulous bookmark swap. Myself is a bookworm though my girl noticed I'm more to scrapper than bookworm now. But I’m sure she will impress with the entire bookmark we will receive later.

(grunge office affair bookmarks )

Oh did I tell you we share a studio now? Yes she turns to scrapper now. She took my tote-ally (actually it’s for Jelly and am so sorry Jelly budak ni buat hal pulak kali ni) and claimed her space on my scrap table. After the incident I decided to do some revamp inside my studio. It’s not 100% ready though but I’m happy with the new look. Let me say it’s a hard time for me now but I know someday I can get over it. Thanks to wonderful support from family, friends and neighbors.

Bye for now….

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