26 December 2010

Greeting from Swiss Garden Kuantan.

The baby is taking her nap and I try to use this time to blogging. I hardly blog lately not because I lost my mojo but I lost control of my time. Workload is demanding and I need to prepare myself for next year changes and at the same time to standby my girl for upsr.
Today I want to share how I organize my digital photos. Here is how
I sorted by photos under year- occasion /person –date + simple note
And don’t forget to delete the duplicate photos and back up your file into cd/dvd/external hd.
extra tips - I used http://picasa.google.com/to jot my journal and label with star the outstanding pictures.

before I left, enjoy a few pics taken yesterday  (having issue with my image upload) and one lovely website I found this morning http://smallnotebook.org/ (dont miss this lovely site and i love it and make me stuck posting this blog lol)

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