01 August 2010

Creative space.....

I spend the whole day at home yesterday. Its quite productive day I will say.
Between chores, kids, cooking and TV , I managed to slip in inside the studio and playing with felt & ribbon.

I made a lot of hairclips recently, hari raya is coming and give it as a gift would be sweet (I think). 

I settle up with WIP inside some container and thanks to LAURA (Bugs & Fishes) for her fab idea and blog.

I’m thinking about my work coming plan, we have to attend a lot of classes and course on weekend. Do they don’t have a family? Why they took our time with family? No more quality life? Oh I can’t think anymore it’ll spoil my mood.
I love weekend! Pls dont take it from me.... it will kill my creativity & quality !!!!

I saw this my creative space and love to be part of it for this week....here's mine

Im working infront of computer, whenever I get bored I love to google around, watching dvd especially twilight and listening to music.


Penny said...

Such a big box of hairclips! Yay!

Richyreens said...

I happy hairclips!! yay yay

lauren carney said...

hey fancy pants!
your blog is rather cute indeed!
just putting it out there!
love your stuff x