18 July 2010

from ribbon to hairclips...

Handmade Hair Clip, originally uploaded by richyreens.
Yes, I'm busy and I’m stress. I do ….
Only this week we can rest at home and do some cleaning, creating and updating this blog.

Check out the hair clip I made for the kids. Finally I used my ribbons. Yeah!
For tutorial how to make these fab and addicted hairclip just check these out:-

I altered a bit to suite my taste and style.
If you made one let me know, I love to see your creations...
happy cutting and pasting .....


Yycien said...

Pretty cute hair clips! My niece will surely love these. Thank you for sharing the link. :)

Richyreens said...

Thanks Yycien for dropping by.
I believe your niece will love it.