18 June 2010

2010 Studio

2010 Studio, originally uploaded by richyreens.

This is my studio, nothing special in here but this is the place when I want to get creative aka release tension.
Most of the storage are inexpensive. I asked dh to keep an empty bottle and a milk can so I can use it for storage.
Still a lot of stuff to do inside this studio for example labelling, declutter, and keep it simple as possible.
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Sha said...

salam ida... ni pun dah cun giler dah ni... i tunggu masuk umah baru nanti barulah dpt my own studio to put all my stuff yg berlambak2 tu... hehehe... tgk ur studio rasa x sabar nak decorate my own... :D

Richyreens said...

Hi Sha,
My studio tu boleh tunjuk tu jela sebab lantainya full of stuff...
Tengah nak cari build in cabinet to store most of my books yang occupied separuh dari studio ni.
Nak pindah rumah ke Sha?
skrg ni cari idea dulu then kumpul duit by the time dah boleh buat not like me yg sikit2 sudahnya no style just carca marba...but Im ok with it...colorful hehe

Sha said...

tu la ida... idea dah ada... duit je la nak kena cari... hehehe...