12 December 2010


Sorting, rolling,cutting and clipping. That what I did since last night. Its because I cant stand anymore the clutter inside my studio. I started purge my ribbon and sort it nicely (nice in my own way).
Some I just leave it inside the roll and stand it using a chopstick, some I just roll into the ribbon organiser and put inside the basket. Seldom used ribbon I put inside the clear container.DSC_5178 copy
I'm thinking how many days these ribbons will stay organised because I dont trust myself. Im messy and visual scrapper, I cant handle hidden stuff.

Later, when the studio a bit clean (50%) I just sit and stamp these image and start playing with
Copic Marker. 
 playing with copic marker
Tomorrow I plan to wake up early (but now already 1.38am) and do some cleaning...but mmmmmm ....

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