08 May 2010

Simply Ida – my express scrapping recipe

 I need some place to jot down my note and I think if I put into my blog it’s easy for me to refer back. I edited the Simply Ida and here it is.

My express scrapping recipe “Simply Ida”
1.    I start with photo, what story I want to share. Most of the time I scrap about our daily life and things that matter. Sometimes I like to show my feeling.
2.    From the photo I write down the journal, I used picasa and journal direct into it. Sometimes during this stage I choose the title but sometimes I wait till I'm ready to scrap.
3.    How many photos to use? Open the favorite scrapbook sketch site & choose the sketch that showing no. of photos I wanted to scrap.
4.    Choose a color combo from the photo or color wheel. Choose up to 4 colors.(do checkout some site offer the color combo)
5.    Print the photo and gather the background paper and embellishment according to color choose in step 4, this is the kit. For temporary storage keep inside 12x12 file/album or just use paperclip to bind them together.
6.    The page is ready to scrap………………

The key is don’t wasting too much time thinking. I wasted 2 days to create only 3 layouts without proper plan and with this plan + time allocate I manage to scrap 12 layouts in 5 ½ hours. (average 30 minutes per lo)

This formula works for me and I do hope it can benefit others too…..
happy scrapping!

edited - if someone interested about this and want to put into you blog just let me know, I'll provide the html.if not its okay, we have different way to scrap. Love to know how is your flow....

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