06 May 2010

Chronology of my trimmer

Zision is my 1st trimmer and I love it so much. Now I use it as a scoring since I'm running out of it blade.

Fiskar is the stock I have when I opened an online store a few years back. At first I like it but when it come to straight line, it never does and 12x12 never fit to it cutter. I think the measurement out by 1or2mm. Still I used it for a long time since I have a lot of extra blade.

Yesterday I bought a new one, just a gift for myself as I manage to get back into scrapping world. It’s a little expensive from above trimmer. Haven’t try it yet…I think she is a good trimmer…isn’t you Cutterpede?

Posted by Picasa Pictures credit to Provo Craft, Fiskar and EK Success.

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