04 May 2010

Simply Ida

NSD is over…..can’t wait for another online crop.
I made total 15 layouts for this NSD. Personal record is yesterday when I make 12 layout within 5 ½ hours. I have to think fast and limit 30 minutes for each layout. With this formula I can do it again for next time. I called it “Simply  Ida” scrap formula. (haha)

  1. photos (what story/expression you want to tell)
  2. journaling
  3. sketch
  4. color combo
  5. make a kits (choose pp & embellishment base on color combo, sketch & story to tell)
  6. I keep inside 12x12 album until I ready to scrap.

My process during 2010 NSD ( I devoted one day for this)
List down challenge to do
Print photo
Choose color & sketch
And at night I sit down in front of TV and fill in the album with photo + pp + embellishment
Next day I just scrap whatever inside the folder one by one and limit myself 30 minutes each. Sometimes I made lo for 15minutes.
After finish the lo I snap the picture and keep the finish.
When all the lo’s finish I upload the pictures and begin to submit into the challenge site.
Now clean up the scraproom (which I didn’t because I need to working today…so my scraproom in a huge mess but I feel so satisfy with the result)

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