16 May 2010

Scrapbook on canvas

Today between chores & kids I manage to slip into my studio a few times and finish these canvases.
The size is 6x12. One of my missions this year, if I buy anything new I promise to scrap it right away. The canvases I bought last week so do the Bo bunny pp. The paper kinda cute! This project is kinda hybrid scrapbook. Printed pics with brushes then added words strips,some glitter,ribbon,buttons (always be my fav), acrylic and finish. Same design to all canvases.
I started this project to fill up empty wall on my living hall. Not like my studio which full of stuff, my living hall is minimalist. Now im going to throw some color and art into it. I think its going to be fun and memorable wall.
Thanks for dropping by!


Asmahani.A @ AA said...

cantiknya. i miss scrapping.

Richyreens said...

hi Hani...thanks
takpe take break dulu...
when u get back the mojo just coming back to scrap...i pun lama break

naddy said...

Ida, beautiful canvases :)