27 September 2007

OLW : Perfect

I'm so glad to have stumbled across onelittleword and found a lot of people doing the challenge, Im too shy at first then I realized, why should I? So here I am with my 1st lo for the olw challenge. TFL.
Sorry for the poor quality of picture as I dont have a scanner neither good camera. Cant afford :O(
ps - Im a new girl in scrap world.


Lynn said...

This is awesome! Thanks for playing along!
one little word

Yatie said...

nice one ida. i love the bold red and blue colours.

one more thing, yg coluzzle mat tu mmg senang nak use ngan craft knife ek? you're right, using cutting mat tu merosakkan my knife. asyik patah je the mata. have to get one la kalau macam tu. nnt i'll order kat lovescrap.

Ida said...

Thanks Lynn& Yatie.

100% easy Yatie.