13 June 2008

Scrapbook on canvas tutorial

Remember this post ?
Here is the reveal and I add some bonus, a simple tutorial. My 2nd scrapbook on canvas. This is so easy and simple to do. But if you have any tips that you wanna share here, please do so.
Now gather your tools
1. canvas (the size is up to you)
2. sealer ( I used Jo Sonja but Mod Podge or any other brand would be okay)
3. Photo
4. Pattern paper
5. Embellishment of your choice
6. Sponge brush
7. Glue
8. Cutting tool/scissors

1. Apply a thin layer of your sealer into the surface of the canvas.
2. While the sealer still wet put your choice of pattern paper then continue putting photos,title , journal & embellishment. Assume the canvas is your base of scrapbook page and add whatever you want into the canvas.

3. Apply a thick layer of sealer over the top of your layout to seal the layout to the canvas. Let it dry.

4. The next day if you think that is necessary to put another coat, yup please do so and let it dry.

5. Here is the finish touch

Let me know if you have any question or tips to share. Thank you!

edited :
Sealer :- Paint used to seal the substrate or previous coats and prevent interaction between subsequent coats applied (credit to leighspaints.co.uk)


mangosteenskin said...

eh, cantiklah. bunga2 itu kak ida lukiskah? warna2nya cantik, saya suka cara ia disusun.

actually x berapa faham, tentang sealer itu. kenapa mesti dilapis beberapa kali?

Estir_BunE said...

cool tutorial Ida!

Oh! Jasmine said...

Bila nak ajar nih plak cikgu??? ahaks! umah cikgu plak ye..

Ida said...

M, bunga tu kak ida potong dari pattern paper.
Mana pandai nak lukis camtu :(

Sealer tu kak ida dah edit dekat post.

Ida said...

Thank you Andrea.

JC, cikgu busy sikit nak siapkan byk swap.

Wati Basri said...

great canvas there babe...thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

I love it Ida!!