10 June 2008

Cards Swap

Another combine swap between Lovescrap & SKAC at CARI.COM
Thank you to all swappers for the great work and efford.Come on, ride on...we will ride through the gallery....
1. Anniversary card by Dinary
(love how she ties the organza with love shape and the color really suite the theme...oh im in love)

2. Aidilfitri card by Ayanglina

(love the way the title has been made ...cool)

3. Marisa created Best Wishes card and she said her anniversary influence her creations.(Yup marisa we can see love is in the air )

4. Unisex children birthday cards by me. As always im KISS
5. Untitle card by Shania
(She did a lot of papercutting , love the idea)

6. Father's Day Card by Intan

(I love the color and the design and she made a great job with the envelopes)

7. Jelly aka BB with her Male's Birthday Card (love the window card and her gift's box is so pretty)
8. Kuntum with her untitle cards (I love the circle shape and the tree with foam,good idea)
9. Ladybirdninja with Friendship Cards, oh boy she really did a lot of work here. Love all of it...they are great design, shapes, quotes....yummy I would say)
10. Diva created her untitle cards. (Love how she transform something so simple into gorgeous cards)

11. Female Birthday Card by Azwa (Love the flowers and punch out on the corner)

12. I Love You cards by Civic....oh she hit me! All of my favorite color and love the 3d effects. 13. Farah with TQ cards. She made her own pattern paper. Love it!
14. Fliffy with congratulations card. She did a great job with the title using her digital skill.

15. Sha with mother's day card. Love the flowers shape and the color...adorable.

Thanks to all swappers, you made a pretty cards. Kudos to everyone!


Bbee said...

wow..semua cantik2 ...tak sabar ni nak tunggu sampai ketangan bb

mangosteenskin said...

wow....semuanya kreatif. syabas kepada semua!!

phatelara said...

Cantiknya kad! Saya sangat suka! :)

Ying Pang, said...

nice to see so many malaysia cardmaker here, well done...hope to see more of your creation!

rizal said...

wow wee..


menarik dan meriah.. nice and best laa.. macam2 gaya dan style ada.

kudos to everyone..!!