22 June 2008

It’s a long and fun day. My first time challenge at Papier went well but to bad I don’t have a picture to share. (Let se if Papier will update their blog later)
It’s the longer hour for me but the last minutes are like a tsunami. I pasted everything in front of me. The last hour is the best part and I have to say sorry to Jelly and the Adik in front of me coz I can’t talk anymore.
Above all this is fun, thrilled, a new experience and fun fun fun ….and 10% tired.
To Jelly, Happy Birthday hun….thanks for being crazy likes me! This is fun and we should do this more often.
Congrats to the winner…..

ps: Adik Manis, so sorry tak sempat nak call for minum-minum date. hari yang kelam kabut :(

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