16 June 2008

Beauty Secret Meme

I received another tag from Manja(sorry Manggis I like to call you manja, sweet gitu)

My Foundation:
I dont use foundation

My Mascara:
Mmm...dunno where did I throw it

My Day Cream:
Anew by Avon

My Essential Beauty Product:
Clinique Anti blemish(this is very good for pimples, promo la plak) and Anew cleanser

My Favorite Makeup Product:
Moisturizer, compact powder, blusher & lipstick

My Perfume:
Right now is Romance by Ralph Lauren

My Nails:
ok, why?

My Feet:
I still can walk.

My Hands:
ok and can type as usual

Three Beauty Products to bring on a deserted island:

Women I admire for their beauty:
My mom.

Women with the Best Sense of Style
Definitely not me...mm...rrr...ggg...who? I like Lorerai Gilmore's style most of the time....

My Ultimate Dream:
Reduce weight

How Do I Define Womanhood
Kind & love

My Favorite Fashion Publication:
None, I only buy scrapbook magazines

Now Im going to tag Kakak Degil (adik manis jangan lari haaa), bumble bee, Lesung, Andrea & Shannon.


Oh! Jasmine said...

testing..1..2.. cakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

mangosteenskin said...

hoho! thanks for doing the tag!

manja....hm...terasa mcm kucing...hihi.