11 April 2008

So happy....

Oh my god! I meet her http://emilayusof.com .

I went to Pesta Buku today to grab some books for Ireen and myself. I went to WiraBukit booth and saw Pak Samad was there too. Im happily choosing the books with a kind assistance from the staff over there (Oh boy I forgot to ask her name, she is so sweet and kind and she told me every summary of those books) I told my husband, all of those books were design by Emila. When I want to pay, I saw Emila’s artwork was there and I said Kad Emila. The Kakak said, you know Emila? I said I know her from blog. Guess what????? Emila was there!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was numb at first but she is such a sweetie. She is so kind and she knew I’m gonna scrap those moments and guess what? She asked her friend to take pictures of us. Then Pak Samad signed all those books. I was like dreaming….(I keep telling myself, this is for real and I'm not dreaming) Will definitely scrap this! Thanks Emila for the rak!

I’m so happy tonight, and cant stop smiling till now….will take a few pictures of stuff that I grab from Wirabukit and Emila’s later ya….too tired and too happy right now!

Ps- I don’t bother about grammar tonight…I’m just too happy and with those card lying in front of me.

I’m very grateful for this moment after a lot of rough things happened.

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Emila Yusof said...

Hi Ida! I'm so happy too! Will blog about us tonight! It was really nice to meet you at last!