25 April 2008

Playing with bag

This bag is for baby Mia. Her mommy, Su can put the diapers, bottle and etc inside. It's a huge bag and I have one myself.

I’m not satisfying enough for this project since I have very limited time. It's a bit smudgy but I keep telling myself, I made it with love and sincerity and do hope they will like it.
Last night I received a call from Su; her voice is so excited and thanks me for this. I’m glad I made somebody happy and mission accomplished! (JC I borrow your tagline)

Source : tote bag, acrylic paint, felt, acrylic stamp, fibre ink, bling & button


rizal said...

Great job kak ida.. huhuhu

mangosteenskin said...

bilalah dapat peluang pakai beg cenggini nih....hehe. cantiklah nama tu, adriana damia.

mangosteenskin said...

ohya, i think u've done a great job there. simple but nice...oren, putih, pink...nampak ceria!!

Emila Yusof said...

great job, Ida! I love it!