01 April 2008

Paper clip swap

Look at these fabulous paper clips made with love by my lovely ladies. It’s a combined forum swaps.
made with love and flowers by http://shasscrapping.blogspot.com/

made with love and ladybug by http://scrappingwithyatie.blogspot.com/

made with love and flowers by http://kuntum-scrappingmama.blogspot.com/

Made with pure love by http://azwasaini.blogspot.com/

Made with love and bloom by http://scrap-blogger.blogspot.com/ Made with love and pretty handbag by http://scraphut.blogspot.com/
Made with love and wing by Dinary at skac.cari.com
Made with love by you know who
Made with love and butterfly by http://hanifadil.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for all wonderful ladies.


tinn said...

the clips are all so pretty...

Ida said...

you might join in next round tinn.

dalla said...

ida...love your paper clips...