08 January 2012

Project Life 2012- Week 1

  • This asthma is never kind to me. Till today I had to take 3 times nebulizer. No ice, no hot and oily food. I took honey and lemon. Oh please go away.
  • I took a lot of pictures, oh yes I do but sometimes I feel guilty those pictures is not properly store, display and tell a story behind it.
  • So I came out with simple solution, why not join Project Life? But too bad the products is not avail in KL and I don’t want to spent much money for the project I not seeing if I can complete.
  • For a trial basis I came out with an idea of digital pages. I will review how this system go and see if I can catch up for the whole year. At the end of the year I can order photobook for this project.
  • Believe me, I have a lot of abandon /unfinished projects :(
  • Here is my week 1 page for Project Life 2012
  • Credit : Misty Cato, Bannerwoman, Alangpap by 2peas. PLW1

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