16 January 2012

Milestone Layout

  • continue recording back the milestone for my kids
  • one of the page (hoping more to come....)
  • Hoping I have more time to add some details.
  • But the story has been told – my job is finish. Someday Irees will read it and I’ll happy enough.
Some details.
Pic + doily = LOVE
Some bit and pieces from stash.
Negative banner used as duplicate….


HaniCheLat said...

Keep it up ida! I've been meaning to do this milestones layout since i have only one kid, and now , already 4, only a few pages of my 1st son's done. haha. Trying my luck on PL starting this year. But, already, 2 weeks behind schedule.

Keep me inspired, will you? :-)

Ida Karim said...

Hi Hani...
For PL I just did in digital format.

I try my best to inspire you dear..but esok dah start kerja after 1 week cuti....