13 January 2011

My first layout for this year.
I’m glad I manage to slip into my studio and creating something despite my heavy schedule.

This layout is about my girls, their bonding as a sisters and the day the Ireen celebrating her 11th birthday. The birds element in this page is my favorite for this moment (yeah I know Im little behind in this sb trend but its okay I don’t mind to be left out)
As I scrap over the year I realised I tend to used bright colors. I think after hard day at work bright color boost my energy and creative juice.
Thanks for dropping by.


shafarina said...

Ida, comel comel and sweet sangat. Gambar tu memang dah lawa, campur lagi dengan layout of my fav colors memang vogue!

Richyreens said...

same taste la kita ni ye...suka warna2 camtu....