16 January 2011


Do you know what it feel when mojo strikes? I cant describe more.....enjoy
The layout for my 1st DD, to tell her how special she are. Beautiful inside out. 
Photo at the Perhentian Island. 

Little one holding a flower to beautiful girl...While little girl surrounding by happy butterfly,bird,flowers
 I just drew simple flower and colored it.
I really love this circle turn out, my mind plan a simple one but it turn out really good (for my skill huhu). I added a butterfly for extra charm. I have a habit to ruin something beautiful sometimes....lol
Oh this layout for The Color Room challenge......check them out TCR


shafarina said...

you doodled the flower urself? cantik!

HaniCheLat said...

cantik! very creative with the circles. :-)

Richyreens said...

Yes Ina, I lukis sendiri. tq

Hani, tq

Cassie said...

This is so amazing!! I love the circle detail!!! Wow!!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Paper Issues!!