10 May 2008

Thank You Desi!

Can you imagine I jumping outside the post office? Well that's true.These are the items I received for secret swap I joined. She been so kind giving me my dream tool. Im definitely gonna have a lot of embossing creations after this.

I know it's from Desi. Hei sweetie, I can recognize your handwriting! I cant believe im asking you about "Guessing Games" and you're lucky YM had a bad connection that day. If not the secret will be broken before the package arrives. lol.

Thanks Hun & thank you for reading my blog too....

Desi, you're simply the best and this is one of the best day ever! All these goodies really fit me! My fav colors and shapes...love it so much!

Your card is so lovely! The slippers is super cute! Can't help drooling over these items...Thanks a bunch!

add : Desi told me we have a matching slippers! Auwwww....


shannyn said...

Hey hun! I'm so glad you got your secret pal goodies. :D

Thank you for the Mother's Day Award. Love it! Hope we can chat soon.

Desi said...

I knew i should have typed it!!! HAHAHA I'm so glad you got it and like everything!! So sorry it took a little extra time to get to you, that plug thing had me stumped!! Hope it is the right one and works well!! ((BIG HUG))


Ida said...

Hey Shannon, thanks for host this swap!

You're so funny Desi. It's okay hun, it's not a rush. Yeah that is the right one and funny though since I stumped too when Donna asked me bout the plug thing and poor Donna she has to explained it to me for a quite some times.
Big hug!!!! xoxoIda

phatelara said...

Great swap! You're so lucky! =)