04 May 2008

NSD 2008

8.51pm right now and I’m so sleepy. Spend two days at home without the fresh air outside is not good for me. I miss mom and feel sorry cant visit her this week. But the other hand I’m so happy we manage to organize sweet but fun Party at our local forum Lovescrap. Thanks to all Lovescrap's Moderator for your time and effort. I love you girls and no price can pay that. Thanks to all participant and congrats to those lucky winner.

I leave all of you with my creations during NSD……………….zzzzzz


phatelara said...

I love the way you used collage technique. =) Saya pun suka buat kraf menggunakan bahan2 yang limited tapi murah, dan hasilnya lebih kurang sama dengan yang mahal. =)

rizal said...

nice..nice.. i am sure you were having a great time. baca-baca dari shout box dgn tengok2 cam rasa ada party happening pulak ngalahkan party kat bangsar..

great job..keep up the good work yerr..

yes yes scrap those things and turn them to artistic items..

from waste to wealth...go go cayukk

Wati Basri said...

great stuffs there babe! love it...and great job on hosting all the challenges...

Emila Yusof said...

Wah cantik2nya!! Ida, semua ni buat in one day ke? Makk...memang terer!

Ida, I've got an award for you: http://emilayusof.com/?p=1426

Happy Mother's Day in advance!

Ida said...

Thanks Deb, Rizal, Wati & Emila.

Emila I did it in 2 days. Not so concentrate becoz busy hosting.