18 November 2012

Case 45 : My passion

I was going overboard when creating this week case,till the page finish I realised the color is no longer as above.Silly me....what am I thinking. But I'm happy with this week page. My voice is inside the journaling. I used inspiration word : comfort, family and home for my journal and inspiration for the page design.
The evidence :- silver metal on the door knob, lamp, vintage text. 
Here's the page :-
 You might no see here clearly, but I'm running out of "a" so I combine "o" and "i" to make "a" for word passion.
Open up my girl photo and you will see another 3 photos of my passion.....books, crafts and my studio.Love this idea for hiding more photos to add some fun and interactive layout.

 Lately, I'm falling in love with scroll. Scattered scrolls on the floor to represent how I love to write a list. (yes I have a lot of lists....)

The door inspired by Benefits catalog, in fact I cut out the words Art Lovers Welcome from their page.

My journal tucked behind the photo. I labelled it ....

I love love love my first attempt to create something different from what I did. Of course it took a lot of time but I'm happy with it. Get out of norm.

Thanks for visiting. Thank you very much! Keep creating .......

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