20 May 2011


Thanks to Gisele Scanlon for introducing me to macaroon…. her amazing book the famous Goddess Guide made me drooling whenever  she talked (write) about macaroon. Grab yourself at Harrods KLCC. Though its a bit expensive but worth trying. 6 pcs fo rm18.00
My girl want to be a writer, though I’m not a good example (you can see from my poor writing lol) but I support her whenever i can.These books, mostly hers…..
Oh where I bought it? Super duper Bookxcess… at Amcorp Mall. Go there and shopping like crazy but please don’t blame me….(can you see The Goddess Guide no.1 in the pic? :) love love love it….) My friend said I’m crazy, I always carry a books(yes I carried more than one ) though most of the time I haven’t had time to read it….
Books make me feel good.

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