02 May 2011

Mojo is coming…..

but it didn’t do much…..lol


I don’t know what the Book Fair did to me, but when I reached home from Kuala Lumpur Intl Book Fair I fell rush on me and really want to create something….something…anything….. But my home is really in big chaotic as painting the whole room was in progress. *sigh*

While taking care the little one and DH busy painting the room, I sit in front of tv and made these


I love when I can used my stash,

I love I used simple design….no pressure for myself

It’s not pretty but I proud I managed to do it…



In other story, I love to share one book that really grabs my attention.

“Where Women Create, book of inspiration” by Jo Packman & Jenny Doh.

516pvzo5pSL._SL500_AA300_ Source : http://www.amazon.com

23 talented artists shared their creative space and what moves them to do so…

Love Love Love the way this book presented. Beautiful photos and believe me the creative space is from real artist and honestly presented. I just read a few pages and I must say…Im falling in love with this book….. It really suite me…the one who almost lost her mojo.

Till next time…………..da


shafarina said...


yang study hard tu pakai what line ek? mcm tak pernah nampak kertas tuuu

Richyreens said...

Thank you :D

PP dia ke atau sticker?
If pp rasanya American Craft (old stock) if sticker kedai rm2 jek hehe