25 August 2008

I just got an idea to compile back all the challenges I entered. I can have my entire layouts in my blog and you can see how I learned all those thingy over the years. You may do the challenge too & if you want to share it here please email me at mizzsyu@yahoo.com.
The challenges really help me develop the skills & techniques over the years. For me this is the best way to learn about scrapbooking (theory+practical) & the best part it’s FREE!
Remember perfection is overrated. Come and play along…I’ll post my compilation every Monday (or try to post every Monday :D )

The challenge by Kim
“So I was having this conversation with the girl in my LSS recently, about how people just haven't been using vellum much in their LO's recently. Neither of us could understand why. I think it's time for a vellum revival party! There are lots of ways to use vellum in your LO...my personal fave is for journaling but it's up to you! Create a LO that includes vellum

Here’s my layout :-
I used vellum to print the title and color with versa ink. "

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