17 February 2008

Love power!

I received this sms today,

“ I love you. Today is sister’s day, send this to all yr sis even to me if I'm like one. If you get back 7, you are loved. Happy Sister’s Day! I love you my dear =) “

I have no idea who it came from but it from a person whom I never thought so. Sha you really made my day and keeps me smile after a hard time and I know for whatever happened there is a reason. The word love meant a lot to me, I rather be poor than people hate me. I want people to love me but I know we can’t push people to do so.

Today I’m the luckiest person to love and to be love.

Love is the best medicine in the world. I just remember when I attended a course few years back and a lecturer used to call me ‘oh she is the love girl’ when I said love is my favorite word. Who in this world doesn’t need love?

Enough said, something brewing on my craft table….take a peek!

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