20 February 2008

How are you feeling today?

Ecstatic in the morning.
Chatty before lunch.
Anxious during lunch.
Guilty at 3.00pm.
Lonely at 4.00pm
Sick at 5.00pm
Mmmm....I wonder what happen?

I love strawberry tea, indulged myself a cup of it....the aroma.....the taste....
Scrapbook frame , as requested by one of the forumer....hope this will help you.


twig said...

Hi Ida. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Hope all is well with you. We miss ya, you know.

I am one who loves Peppermint tea. Love to set and relax and just sip it. I am going to have to try strawberry. Sounds os good.

Love what I am seeing here. Keep it up.:)

Ida said...

Welcome Ronda...glad you drop by here. Im getting better right now...thanks for all the support from all of you.

I'll keep posting......

Yatie said...

Hi Ida. I pun suka strawberry tea!!

Ida said...

Yei...ada geng. Tapi yang paling sedap staberi tea ni kat cameran highland...lupa dah brand dia...zesta ke apa ntah.