03 July 2007

Get organised today! Spinning Storage Rack

Kalau sesape yang rajin nak buat Spinning Storage Rack cam atas ni, ni kat bawah ni Ida jumpa link dia......kalau korang dah buat rajin2la tempek kat forum Ida nak tengok gak.....

Ok ni link dari http://rockymountainhobbies.com/showthread.php?t=3272 dari Amy McCarty , ida copy n paste khas untuk korang.

Supply List:

1- 14.5 Terra Cotta Pot Saucer (without hole) I spray painted mine. But, you can select any saucer - any color or design, just make sure it lies flat when upside down and is wide enough and heavy enough to support the completed rack.

1- 30" threaded lamp rod- found in the lamp section at home depot1- drill bit for tile and ceramics purchased at home depot the exact size of the rod. ( Have the nice guys at Home Depot help you purchase the correct one)

1- 12.5 inch interior frame from a lampshade1- 8 inch interior frame from a lampshade (these are the kind that a finial holds into place NOT the type where the lightbulb holds it into place.)

2 large- 2 inch steel washersa finial of your choice for the top (also found in the lamp section of Home Depot)Nuts, Washers and Lock Washers ( sold in the lamp section of Home Depot)You will need...8 Nuts, 4 washers and 2 lock washers.Lots and Lots of Safety Pins to use to hang up your goodies!

Cari kat kedai hardware atau ikea barang2 ni..... Happy DIY!

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