01 April 2007

My l/o have been scraplifted?

Sound funny....& im so happy. Seronok sangat last weekend joint some of the online scrapbook forum. A lot of games have been conducted and one of the games is Homelton L/O Tag. My layout dah dijadikan tag untuk peserta2 scraplift. Peserta pertama diberi tag layout (bookworm) dah diberi masa 2 jam untuk disiapkan dan kemudian peserta pertama harus menghantar l/o yang dia buat kepada perserta kedua dan begitulah seterusnya. But at the end...alamak all of they l/o much more better than me... he he that the fun things.... the only line between us is im a beginner and they all are pro...

Let see how it goes...

Here they are. Everyone one of them are Fantastic! I chose one by Ida. I loved the simplicity of it.

Lisa K started us off

then came mine - Deej

Then Lisa B

and here is Dawns

then we have Angels

and last but not least here is Rondas

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