30 March 2007

My Creative Companion by Becky Higgins

Ida teringin sangat buku ni tapi mahal sangat, sudahnya hari tu pinjam dari kawan dan cuba tiru macam Becky Higgins buat, cuma buku Ida di dalam cd file. Bila jumpa design yg menarik Ida akan draft atas post it pad dan tampal mengikut tajuk. Kepada yang mampu buku ni memang banyak membantu dalam proses mereka layout anda. Kepada yang tak mampu apa kata buat sendiri as I did ! eNJOY.......

Info dari http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com
Ever feel like your creativity well has gone dry? My Creative Companion 2 is the ultimate collection of ideas for everything from the smallest accent to complete layout designs. Packed with colorful illustrations and simple explanations, it will become a constant source of instant inspiration.
Sections include:
Journaling & Titles
Layout Design
Photo Mats
Odds & Ends
My Ideas
Inside, you'll find:
More than 825 full-color illustrations of innovative accents, borders, photo mats, and journaling and title treatments that can be easily duplicated or customized.
Over 135 layout sketches for single and multiple photos you can use today.
Quick-and-easy color combination, background and texture ideas.
60 never-before-seen layouts that showcase the sketches' adaptability and flexibility.
A cool ruler to customize your own sketches.
250 pages.
Foreword by Becky HigginsImagine someone going through every scrapbook magazine and idea book and compiling a collection of really great ideas for you to have every time you scrapbook. Imagine no longer! We've gone through the past few years' worth of Creating Keepsakes magazines and special issues and found the most innovative and unique ideas to include in this book.Simply gather the pictures you want to use and flip through this book to find just the perfect touch for your page. Switch up the colors, change the materials you use—do whatever you'd like to make it your own.Enjoy the all-new layouts showing the illustrations and sketches in use. And let this guide be a jump-start for your creativity as you continue in your scrapbooking endeavors.-Becky Higgins

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