28 February 2013

A little bird told me....

..........this is Love

* Finally I received my printer and so rushing to finish up CSI No.59

Here is my take and in fact my first layout for 2013. Its a bit messy and I'm so rushing to finish out before deadline.

Someone is hiding her journaling for her girls.....

I love all the little elements to complete this page. This is fun way to use my stash.

03 February 2013

Project Life 2013 : How to start for beginner....(me)

Happy New Year!
  • Yeah I know I know...it has been a month since new year but only now I have chance to wish you happy new year.
  • Today I want to share how I'm doing my project life.

  1. Photo

I sort my photo weekly, I created special folder for Project Life 2013. Under it,  subfolder for week 1, 2, etc. I just drop the picture that I want to include into PL in respective folder. Even if I'm busy and behind I still can catch up as my photos has been organized by week.

Every weekend I will print the photo and put inside the clear holder sleeve and label with week 1, week 2 ...etc

2.  Page protector/ photo pocket

My preference is BigVariety  Pack 1

3. Kits

Just because I have so much paper, cardstock, stickers and etc. So I opt to create my own kit.
It is just simple as cutting the paper to fit the page protector. I store my kit inside an old diskette holder.

4. Label
I designed simple weekly tab and print it out.    

Now it is time to assemble the pieces..........the fun part (I guess)
Slot in the card into the pocket. (Yes as easy as that)
I love to print my journal together with the photo. (Super easy and save time)
And slot in the photo. Since my photo is too small I will use some paper as background before slot into the page.

I coloured the designed weekly tab and make it as page title.

(Tips: instagram is my absolute secret weapon for project life....we will discuss bout it if you curious to know)
Here is the sample not so perfect but I Love it.......Project Life.
Any comments and inquiry I'm happy to answer.
(sorry for not so perfect photo but this is to give you the idea)
I will update my Project Life once my January is complete.
Thank You! xoxo IdaKarim