07 March 2009

Donna's Progressive LO Challenge

Here is what you will need for sure:

3 co-ordinating pps
2 co-ordinating cs
3 photos ( that can be cropped if you need to)
co-ordinating embellies of your choice

Step 2

Cut mats for our photos with one of your cs...the other cs will be your base. All 3 photos WILL go in one page so if you need to crop your photos do that now too!

Step 3

From your 3 pps cut a piece of each.. one at 8 x 5, one at 5 x 4 and one at 9 x 2

Step 4

Using the same 3 pp's I want you to cut 2 circles from each one but they need to be different sizes and the biggest shouldn't be be bigger then 2 1/2 inches byt it's up to you. I also want you to cut 3 different size circles from the cs that you used to mat your photos.

Step 5

Take your circles and crinkle them up and then open them back up. When done with that I want you to ink all your edges....the circles, the pieces of pp, your mats and your base.
Step 6

Take all your circles and make 2 piles. Take one from each cs and pp's and stack them from largest to smallest. When you are happy with the way you have them adhere them together with a brad in the center.

Step 7

Take your photos and adhere them to your mats. Take your 3 pieces of cut pps and adhere them to your base cs.

Step 8

Arrange your matted photos onto your layout...when you are happy with where you have them. adhere them to your layout. DON'T forget to leave room for your title.

Step 9 - The Final Step

Add your title, journaling and circle flowers. Add any other embellues that you want.

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