01 September 2008

Compilation Challenge

A compilation of challenges I entered. You can see how I learned all those thingy over the years. You may do the challenge too & if you want to share it here please email me at mizzsyu@yahoo.com.
The challenges really help me develop the skills & techniques over the years. For me this is the best way to learn about scrapbooking (theory+practical) & the best part it’s FREE!
Remember perfection is overrated. Come and play along…I’ll post my compilation every Monday (or try to post every Monday :D )

The challenge by Dana

"My challenge to you this month is to MAT your pics! Sometimes I forget how it can make your pic pop off your page! So come on everyone..join in on the fun and be creative! You can mat with different things such as vellum, fabric, paper, etc., you can double-mat, triple-mat, the possibilities are endless!! Show me what ya got! "

Here's my layout :-

This layout I learned from Macy. A lot of matting.

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