03 March 2008

Exploring Together

Credit : Eva Kipler, JS Prague & KJ Conners.

Ireen and Boboy had so much fun yesterday, spending their time by doing some art work.
Thanks to Dawn DeVries Sokol for her Art-Journal Fridays

. Now I don’t have to worry anymore, just follow the AJF and my girl will be occupied over the weekend. The best part is we can do it together...mother and daughter times.

Psttt….I also did the AJF though it’s quiet embarrassing but I don’t mind to share….take a peek…..(jangan gelak ha)…..

Boboy surrender because his tired of drawing and erasing (lol) and I haven’t do any sketch since my last interview (15 years back I think) so please excuse me ...he he tak lawa pun.
Ireen's page make me feels so much love and happiness.